New Client Scheduling

New clients please complete the following 4 steps before your appointment.  You will find a step by step guide showing you how to complete these steps by clicking "Online Scheduling Guide" if you need any help.  We recommend that if you are new to the site that you look over the guide before taking any action.  If you feel confident following the these 4 steps, click the "book online" button.  A new tab will open so you can still follow the guide side by side with the scheduler.

4 Simple Steps To Booking Your First Appointment With Us

Step 1: 
selecting your treatment and then the appropriate date and time using the "book online" button
Step 2: 
create an account

Step 3: 
download and complete our health history form

Step 4: 
upload your completed health history form to your account    

If you have any questions about what to wear or don't know what to expect on your first appointment, answers can be found in the FAQ section in this site.  Otherwise feel free to email us at:

Return Client Scheduling

Returning clients can schedule their appointment on the appropriate date using the "book online" button now.  Repeat booking are simpler.  They involve simply selecting a desired treatment and date.  We ask our new clients to continue to read as important instructions are found on this page.